Firstly let me introduce myself for those that do not know me . My name is Lyndon Whitter hence the Lyndon Whitter Photography name . I am a Wedding Photographer and Event Photographer living in Wigan. Although I live in Wigan I don’t just cover weddings in Wigan. I travel all over the UK as a Wedding Photographer which is why I love what I do.

I always get asked how should people choose their Wedding Photographer ? Well its not as easy as you may think. There are hundreds of Wedding Photographers in any single area and loads more that travel. This has been added by the fact that equipment is cheaper that it was 10 years ago and a couple of hundred pounds can buy you some very nice equipment that is more than capable .

Ultimately the choice is yours who you choose and why you choose them but here is are a few questions  that may help you choose your Wedding photographer or this can be adapted for any of your Wedding suppliers- I hope this helps, let me know if it does.

10 KEY Questions to ask before you book your Wedding Photographer.

1.    Is the Date Available?

Now this may seem like an obvious question but you will be surprised by the amount of couples that don’t ask this question first only to find out after a 20-minute conversation that the photographer is not available on your Wedding Day.    There you go, I’ve just saved you 20 minutes to arrange the cars, flowers, invites or something else on your every growing list of ‘Wedding Things to do’

2.    Are you the Actual Photographer on the Day?

Some photography companies will have associate wedding photographers who will turn up on the day without the bride and groom even meeting the wedding photographer!  There are also freelance wedding photographers who will work for maybe 2 or 3 different wedding photographers so they can book more work.  Personally I think the bride and groom should speak with the actual photographer before the wedding day as you need to ensure that your personalities sync because lets face it the wedding photographer will at your special day longer than any of your other suppliers and some guests

3.    Do you have a List of Client Reviews?

Do you look at reviews before you book a holiday? Of course you do… so why not look at reviews of your wedding photographer.  Your wedding photographer should be able to supply reviews and previous wedding photographs and not just a portfolio of 30 photographs Wedding Photographers should most certainly have a website and show their reviews on this

4.    How Long have you been a Wedding Photographer?

This is an important question as you want to be certain that you are booking an experienced professional wedding photographer so simply ask this question and make your own mind up.

5.    How will the Photographer be Dressed?

You may have frowned and thought what a weird question but You and your wedding party are going to pull out all stops to look fantastic as you can on your special day.  The last thing you want is a wedding photographer turning up in a tracksuit and trainers and a scruffy old t-shirt stealing your limelight for the wrong reasons

6.    What is your Style of Wedding Photography?

All professional wedding photographers should be able to offer the Bride and Groom some ideas of the style of photography they could have.  I’m sure you’ve already researched how you want your photographs to look so make sure you get confirmation that your wedding photographer can work in this way.

7.    Do you do Engagement Shoots?

Engagements shoots are great because it gives you the experience of having your photos taken by your wedding photographer before your actual wedding day.  This instils confidence in the Bride and Groom for the actual wedding day photos but also gives the wedding photographer a chance to see how you both interact with a in professional camera in your face probably for the first time
Usually the wedding photographer gives you the images from the engagement shoots to use as you wish

8.    What Packages do you Offer?

A professional wedding photographer will be able to offer at least a couple of packages for your wedding photography
As a minimum you would want print rights for all your wedding images, so make sure you ask for this on a Disc, USB or web download.
.      Make sure they offer a facility to provide a wedding album whether it be just after the wedding or 12 months later, that way if you do decide you want an album later on then you can just order it with the wedding photographer
At the end of the day, it is your special wedding day.  A professional Wedding photographer will listen to your needs and cater around them the best that they can

9.    What are your Prices?

This is a tricky subject and ultimately everybody has a price they can afford in mind but months after the wedding your memories and photographs are all you have, (other than an amazing husband or wife!)
There are a lot of part -time, hobby photographers around these days and these guys offer a cheaper budget service. In the trade we call it ‘burn and turn service’.  At the end of the day, it’s your choice and budgets can takeover decision but just remember these few words  –
Would you pay less on cars /  favours / bubbly to guarantee  the quality of your wedding photographs ?
Picture this – Would you be happy paying another few hundred pounds to a different photographer to try to re edit or even worse, have to re-enact the big day to take newpictures to replace the failed ones? I certainly wouldn’t, that money will surely go towards your honeymoon celebrations

10.    Do you offer any guarantees?

A professional photographer should always guarantee his work.  Nothing more to say on this subject so judge for yourself when you ask the question

Asking all the questions above will determine that you have found a professional wedding photographer

One last tip, you can use this format on all of your suppliers to help you have the ‘Wedding you always wanted’

I hope you found this tips download of use Good Luck with your search for a Professional Wedding Photographer, Lyndon………..

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